Tetris N blox (Nblox)

Tetris N blox (Nblox) PLAY GAME
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Tetris N blox (Nblox) Place the pieces that go down to fit perfectly with each other in this Tetris N-Blox classic game. You must eliminate as many rows as possible and in each level the complexity will increase due to the speed that the figures will take when falling. A classic option, where you have to put bricks in the striped world. Let's single out a very simple "N-Blox" interface. Choose the optimal level of complexity (10-ka apparently for robots). To make the brick fall faster, press and hold the down arrow. To rotate the N-Blox press or move, also use the arrows. Try to break the record at maximum speeds. We welcome comments and additional information on the N-Blox toy, as well as advice on the passage. If you have a worthy material on the subject of "color tetris" and the desire to send interesting data - use the feedback form or a guest book. The same is true for N-Blox modifications.