Puyo Puyo Tetris

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Puyo Puyo Tetris Play the great Puyo Puyo Flash Tetris online game on your totally free online games site, one of so many Puzzle Games that you can enjoy here. Here is the end result of the merger of two giants in the world of puzzle games: Tetris, one of the most popular and recognizable games on the history of the gaming industry, and Puyo Puyo Flash from SEGA. This is a fun dynamic game you will want to challenge your opponent over and over again! You will find a wide variety of game styles: an exciting arcade game where you can race up to four participants in a single Adventure and Challenge mode. Discover new heroes and backgrounds in adventure mode or visit the game store and choose new sounds for heroes, Puyo collectibles and tetromino Tetris, different backgrounds and much more. Connect to the network and challenge the global player community: Play for up to four players in multiplayer mode, try your hand at the Puzzle League or free vote. Please note that all text in the game is in English.