3D Tetris

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3D Tetris Tetris 3D is an amazing game with which you will play for hours and hours! This futuristic game offers 3D graphics. The game is like the original tetris, but here you will see the bricks from another angle. You must have a keen eye and quick reflexes to be able to place the blocks in the right place. Each level is more difficult because the bricks move much faster than before. So be prepared for the challenge in this online Tetris game of the future. In this 3D Tetris puzzle game, your goal is to stay in play as long as possible without getting stuck. To get there, you have to be very attentive and think carefully. Arrange the blocks that fall from the top to form a line and make them disappear. Move the blocks, choose their rotation and find the right place to place them before they reach the end of the board. Earn points, level up and challenge the highest score.