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1010 Deluxe Discover 1010 Deluxe, an HTML5 puzzle game inspired by the famous Tetris puzzle game created by Alexey Pajitnov in 1984. The originality of 1010 Deluxe lies in the ability to position the different pieces on a tray made of 100 boxes. Unlike Tetris, the pieces do not fall from the sky but the principle remains the same since you must always form horizontal or vertical complete lines in order to make them disappear. You will be able to free up space to accommodate new rooms and so on. The game ends when you can not add new pieces. 1010 Deluxe is part of the HTML5 game collection of Divertissent-You.com. Clearly, this means that you can play this game from the web browser of your tablet or smartphone. It does not matter if it's an iPad or an Android or Windows Phone. And you do not have to download an application either.